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First time in public transportes since 4 month. Weird feeling. At least everyone is wearing a mask

Finally I found a solution for the crackeling/ coppy/ watery sound with Firefox on FreeBSD. Thank you Dan

Maybe I’ll stop caring about IPv4 in my home environment und just drop support for services like git, monitoring and so on

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Can't figure out why Jitsi doesn't like to work on FreeBSD. I always get "java.lang.Exception: Failed to bind single-port" Did anyone here manage to run Jitsi successful on FreeBSD? Boost appreciated

Hey @raichoo just wanted to let you know hikari is trending on

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We need a cultural shift in libre software, we need to name things and quit talking of "developers".

We need:
- Designers to think of how the project can elegantly solve actual problems
- Devs to share technical feasibility and make the software
- Translators so anyone can use it
- A feedback team to protect devs & designers from harrassment and show progress
- A community to use the project, give feedback, accept their opinion is not universal, and pay for what it uses. Everyone needs to eat.

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Looking for a powerful Pi-like SoC with dual gigabit NICs and good openssl/openvpn performance (AES hardware acceleration ideally).

Anything, anyone?

[Boosts appreciated]

Why do I always read Palerma instead of Pleroma?

I should have made the setup at home. Remot Management is nice but nothing is as good as beeing on site

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Seems like I've to go again to the data center and connect the disk to the SAS port on the mainboard instead to the RAID controller

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I'm seriously disappointed in the HP DL360p Gen8. I reconfigured the P420i card to HBA mode, the installation works but the server is not booting from the disk

Looking forward to put my new bought server into the data center today

I get frequent updates from the World Food Program about there current projects. But I can’t look for long at it, tears start to rush into my eyes.
It was the sam when I was in Angola and saw the poverty next to super richness.
Lately I give again to much importance to things which are not worth to bother. This is a reminder to myself to stay with the feet on the ground

Time to sleep now. Had to change 6 lines of configuration on a router. But hey: Happy customers are the best customers

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Please find and use a instance instead of YouTube. And if your financial situation allows, donate here:

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