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Tried to play with kubernetes the entire day. I don’t get the concept it, yet. But I’ll get there. Just to say I know how to use it

I thought a little about it. My data is apparently worth more than my 9,99 € I give them per month

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Spotify canceled my account because I didn't agree to there last change in the terms an conditions. I couldn't care less

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Things I learned from therapy, part one: (chime in if you want to!):

1. The first 20 thoughts while you’re in crisis mode are a lie. Never believe them.

I'm now using and I got some basics working. The learning curve was high for me since I'm used to REST APIs.

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I'm playing around with a GraphQL library for Erlang since two days and can't get it working.
I don't know who is shitty, GraphQL, the library or me.

I get the feeling that I'll not become a fan of graphql at all

At least I had the password for the encrypted backup. Restoration of my home folder took about one hour

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Had to reinstall the OS on my laptop because I couldn’t remember the password to decrypt the disk. Ironically this happens when you don’t have to reboot your computer regularly.

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Load of 60 on a machine is good, right. With that I’ll stop working and start the weekend ☺️

I need to post this here, otherwise I’ll procrastinate

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Plan for this weekend: continuing with the monitoring tool I want to write in Erlang

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The other thing is. I’m not a good programmer, so I can’t improve stuff that bothers me

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Having an open source OS is still to much away from “it just works” for me. I’d love to use FreeBSD on my desktop and try every 6 months but it’s still not for me, unfortunately. Same applies for Linux based OSes


The Jeff Bezos Emoji combination: shot him to a planted and don’t let him come back

Apparently it’s easier to buy fresh products directly from a farmer in the city than in one of the villages around the Vienna.

Friends told us that nobody sells directly to them in their village. The few farmers that are left have huge fields and just plant two or three types of crops. No carrots or tomatoes, just the plants on the field

I go once a week to the farmers market and get 80% of what we need

Blew my mind.

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