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I need to post this here, otherwise I’ll procrastinate

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Plan for this weekend: continuing with the monitoring tool I want to write in Erlang

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The other thing is. I’m not a good programmer, so I can’t improve stuff that bothers me

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Having an open source OS is still to much away from “it just works” for me. I’d love to use FreeBSD on my desktop and try every 6 months but it’s still not for me, unfortunately. Same applies for Linux based OSes


The Jeff Bezos Emoji combination: shot him to a planted and don’t let him come back

Apparently it’s easier to buy fresh products directly from a farmer in the city than in one of the villages around the Vienna.

Friends told us that nobody sells directly to them in their village. The few farmers that are left have huge fields and just plant two or three types of crops. No carrots or tomatoes, just the plants on the field

I go once a week to the farmers market and get 80% of what we need

Blew my mind.

I could add Mastodon as a comment system to my blog but I would need a JavaScript library against XSS. Can't tell if it's worth it.

Wrote a new blog post since a long time. Maybe this his helpful to someone out there.

Imagine, we’ll learn in 50 years that the climate crisis was not made by human. All the effort and than… We can breathe the air again, oceans and wildlife is not suffering, food is healthy, noise of vehicles reduced drastically and so on

But nah if it’s not about intinction, it would have been for nothing

Every time I hear the word speculation my mind goes to Speculaas and all I want then is to get one of this delicious Christmas cookies

Somehow I got the idea of a height-adjustable desk. I would like to avoid IKEA. Any suggestions? I also thought about modifying my existing desk and just buy the legs

Setting the MTU in the VM solved the problem. But not to low, IPv6 likes 1280, like described at RFC8200

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Aaaaa… but like with an MPLS backbone you are limited to the MTU of the underlaying network. Now I have to find a solution for this

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Just discovered the beauty of VXLAN, what a beautiful protocol. I have some knowledge about VPLS but this is mind-blowing

If the fiber internet installation is successfully too, it could be an awesome day

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Got up early, went for a bike ride and got vaccinated. I think after one hour of being awake I can call it a successful day.

It seems like I'm hosting this mastodon instance for me and another user. I'm thinking about throwing the towel and join another server. Saves time, money and electricity

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