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tech grumbling 


1. First, install Docker.

ok let's see if there's some other tool

On one hand everyone is expecting now a lot from Bidan, on the other hand, he can’t hardly do a worse hob than trump

Tomorrow is Bandcamp Friday. Do you have any suggestions?

For me, the Mandalorian ist the best of all Star Wars Films/ Series so far

Like it would help anything to ban from GitHub. I'm sure they will host there code somewhere else

When I was younger I would be embarrassed by the fact that I can’t drink a lot. This changed fortunately since I moved away from Bavaria.
Anyway it’s pretty fucked up to judge people by the amount of alcohol they can drink. What do you expect from a guy which is skinny af, like me?

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One beer later and I feel drunk. I’m not used to alcohol anymore. I mean, i never was...

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Now, if this isn't the coolest thing you've seen today then you need to close the refrigerator. It's an animation of how bridges were built in Central Europe in the middle-ages.


I'm mansplaining. Not cool, noooot coooool

I love the smell of garlic and onions on my fingers

Besides that, I miss the good weather ☀️ 🏖️ ⛰️

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Hallo Internet. After my 3 weeks of vacation in Portugal I'm back again. I have to say that I felt way more save there, where nearly everyone was wearing a mask and keeping distance. In Vienna it's is still a deserter.

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Is it schadenfreunde when:

* It’s deserved
* It’s expected
* It’s karmanic as fuck

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Has anyone become IRL friends with someone they met on #mastodon ?

Please boost I'm curious

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I checked in my photo library. The first ones I did around summer 2015

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