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What I forgot to say. If you want access to my pixelfed instance send me a pm and I'll make it happen

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I did not take my camera on a walk for a long time. In pre-corona times I used to go with a friend on photo walks. Its hard to get motivated alone

One beer later and I’m tired af. That’s new to me

Any follow suggestions whom I should follow on pixelfed?

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I was bored and set up a pixelfed serve

My boss gave me the job to create some how to videos. I feel like a Youtuber now. Despite from that, the company has a entire team for stuff like this.

A mail which contains “FYI” and a question is not FYI

I like the idea of instagram but not how they implemented it. The big question is, should I host my own pixelfed server?

It’s again the time of the year where hard drives start to fail

And now where I moved all the Jails to the machine in the data center a disk died 😂

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First time in public transportes since 4 month. Weird feeling. At least everyone is wearing a mask

Finally I found a solution for the crackeling/ coppy/ watery sound with Firefox on FreeBSD. Thank you Dan

Maybe I’ll stop caring about IPv4 in my home environment und just drop support for services like git, monitoring and so on

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Can't figure out why Jitsi doesn't like to work on FreeBSD. I always get "java.lang.Exception: Failed to bind single-port" Did anyone here manage to run Jitsi successful on FreeBSD? Boost appreciated

Hey @raichoo just wanted to let you know hikari is trending on

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