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Whenever I read "... product works like you do" I hope it doesn't

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"This is a project to collect hardware details of BSD-powered computers over the world and help BSD users and developers to collaboratively debug hardware related issues, check for BSD-compatibility and find drivers."
#RunBSD #OpenBSD #FreeBSD #NetBSD #DragonflyBSD

A coworker told me I can have some colocation at work but I still don't know where and which 2 HE server to buy

When I think about the core of the Earth I think about something abstract and far away instead of the flow is lava. I know I’m weird thinking about this

I have a confession to make, I'm using Emacs again 😅

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Hello, welcome to Linux, here are the apps you installed using Snap. Here are the apps you installed using Flatpak. Here are the apps you installed using apt. Here are the apps you inst- wait, where are you going… what’s wrong? WE WERE JUST GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER!!!

How do you interact with the Fediverse? Currently I'm using the web client but I'm searching for a client

My girlfriend requested a web tool and for the first time I'm writing something in vue.js and node.js. I thought it would be more fun. Vue.js is kind of nice but next time I wouldn't consider using JavaScript for the back-end

I left them a comment on there blog post about this topic, where I'm way nicer than in this ranty-thread. The blog post can be found here
My comment still waits for improvement from there moderation team.

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The behavior of Cloudflare is unacceptable. Since they do the finger pointing they should implement there check for IPv4 and IPv6 separated to not do unfounded accusation.
Also they should praise the ones which implemented RPKI already for IPv6 but still figure out when and how to do the same for IPv4

Also, some ISPs already implemented RPKI for IPv6 but struggle to switch it on for IPv4 since they don't want to break there service for there customers. Especially in the time of a crisis.

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So Cloudflare created a website to put pressure on ISPs to adopt RPKI, which is called

In general, I like this idea, but they just implemented it half the way.
In my case: I use two ISPs, one for IPv4 without RPKI and one for IPv6 with RPKI. Now they tell me that the provider for IPv6 doesn't have RPKI implemented. This happens because Cloudflare did not implement separated checks for IPv4 and IPv6

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So far is not behaving and still uses instead of . That's something I still need to figure out

While the girlfriend is doing research to develop a vaccine for the corona virus I'm preparing the dinner for tonight. Couldn't be prouder of here

Just realized that tomorrow is a holiday. What a awesome feeling

Oooohh do I like sway as a window manager! Setting up the whole think was way easier than X11

Drinking wine and configuring a TURN/STUN server. What could go wrong

Any of you uses FreeBSD on the desktop? I’m thinking about it (again). How is the status with watching Netflix? How is power management? Will a notebook go to sleep if I close the lid? If this stuff is not working I’ll chose a Linux distribution

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