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I binged through the first three episodes of “The Morning Show”. If the rumors are true that Apple influenced the content to reduce violence and cursing words, I have to say the show would be to much in the original way. Like it is I’m enjoying a lot and recommend watching

Tried evil-mode. Finally emacs makes sense

YAML, I don't like it but what should I do, using JSON as config files is not an option

I made it to an habit to donate to ShareTheMeal, every time I eat at a restaurant. I you didn’t know it maybe consider using it

My coworkers are discovering self hosting and now I get consulted for all the Linux questions

I’m waiting for the first Catalyst Apps which could be interesting for me. Twitter is for sure not an App I would like to have on my computer

TTL 3 hours - Time to leave in 3 hours

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My change to Emacs is slow but it is happening. Org-mode is kinda nice

Today I went out to shoot some photos, I missed to do that

I’m searching for a digital asset management for my pictures. I’m not a big fan of Lightroom, darktable is open source but not very stable. Do you use any DAM which you can recommend?

The real reason why I get up at 5:30 is to see sunrises like this

Today I was lazy AF. Okay I cleaned, did the dishes and did the laundry but that’s it. The rest I played Pokémon 🙈

Looking forward to test my new 50mm prime lens

Today I’m not very motivated to work but they don’t give me a choice. Maybe I can leave early

Opening a video of Greta Thunberg speaking in New York, getting an advertisement for a car… Very cynic my little Internet

I had a funny problem yesterday. A switch from a customer refused to forward traffic on all non default VLANS, on an interface that was configured as a 802.1q trunk port. After resetting and applying just a basic configuration it worked. We ended the phone call after that, since it was clear that the problems isn’t caused by the ISP routers. Anyway I’m thinking about to call him again to ask if he could figure out what caused the problem

Don’t laugh: I’m learning how to meditate 🧘🏼‍♂️

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