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Today I’m not very motivated to work but they don’t give me a choice. Maybe I can leave early

Opening a video of Greta Thunberg speaking in New York, getting an advertisement for a car… Very cynic my little Internet

I had a funny problem yesterday. A switch from a customer refused to forward traffic on all non default VLANS, on an interface that was configured as a 802.1q trunk port. After resetting and applying just a basic configuration it worked. We ended the phone call after that, since it was clear that the problems isn’t caused by the ISP routers. Anyway I’m thinking about to call him again to ask if he could figure out what caused the problem

Don’t laugh: I’m learning how to meditate 🧘🏼‍♂️

Good morning Internet. I’m back from an awesome time in :portugal: I tried to take a break from my electronic devices as much as possible and I think it helped my mental health very much.

After getting everything running on the helios4 I need to find a way to control the fans. I can’t stand this two turbines running all the time at full speed

Is there any good starter guide for U-boot?

Adding more rule to pf for more schizophrenia

Work is double annoying when you have a
conspiracy theorist sotting next to you

Good morning internet. Let’s rumble

Helios4 is booting FreeBSD. Now I’m waiting for the 32 GB microSD card and the 4 x 8 TB hard drives.

Racism in Austria is not obvious it’s the little comments which make you feel like you don’t belong here

An Iranian coworker of my GF signed the contract for a flat and asked for support cause she is not speaking German. It was sad to see how the real estate agent treaded here. At least, the landlord was friendly. The other nice thing to see was how confident she responded to the real estate agent.

Cross compiling FreeBSD on my Mac inside a VM using xhyve which is basically bhyve which is the FreeBSD hypervisor. Did I mention that I like FreeBSD very much?

Second ARM project arrived, the Helios4

What I appreciate and enjoy very much is that our CEO is inviting all people which have birthdays in the current month for a lunch with him

My Espresssobin arrived three days ago. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to get FreeBSD running on that thing

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