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Went shopping, washed clothes, baked a cake. Now it’s me time. Which means learning more about how to store data inside of cookies

One of the things you won’t find in my kitchen is not freshly sharpened knives. You can see that on the cuts I have in my fingers

What I learned this week was. I’m pretty good in debugging networks but I need to study more to pass the CCNP. The labs where I had to troubleshoot was done in nearly half the time (of course with the correct solution). The theory test exam was rather hard

Global warming and my mental problems with it 

The bad thing about RSS is that there is a standard, but nobody is following it. That is where I’ll have to fine-tune.

Whoooh, my erlang RSS reader can poll content from feeds into the database. Now I’ll do some front end. After that there will be a lot of fine tuning.

Today I configured about 200 services. Time to automate this shit!

I don’t like when my call center coworkers try to impress me with bs bingo during explanation of a problem. Just because they don’t have “engineer” in their job title doesn’t mean that I think they are stupid

According to the question he is using it to cheat on the mom, so he is not single. Which was also predictable

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A dad is using tinder in the publics and according to his look I could predict his likes

Still thinking about replacing my Cisco Router with an Espresso Bin board

Feels like the new bicycle is driving alone. What a awesome investment

Finally getting my new bicycle. Perfect timing for a summer like this one

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