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Thinking about changing from open regestration to invite only from current members on my mastodon instance. The most resent created accounts seem shady to me.

I‘ll migrate from MySQL to Postgres to see if the performance gets any better. Thanks ZFS snapshots for making it convenient

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If it's true what Tim Cook says, that the government can't save us from climate change and it needs companies to save this world, what does it tell about our government?

git push and leaving to work. What a successful start into the week

I have to say, matrix homeserver works way better with IPv4 enabled. Since I run out of IPv4 addresses I have to live with IPv6 only. I'll eventually know how to get more addresses 😅

Waiting for so much hardware for so many projects. I feel stuck

Rant about capitalism and real estate market 

What I did so far. Creating the configuration for one router and updating https:/// to version 2.8.0. It doesn't seem like a lot of work but it actually was

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I start to realize how racist people in Austria 🇦🇹 are. Nobody tells you in your face, but so many people have a Nazi mindset. I’m disgusted. Im thinking about reporting my experience here with a hashtag

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nearly every RFC would be better with illustration

this particular one would do very well with a dark forest in a fairy tale sort of theme

Compiling gcc or how I call it: Cleaning the fans of the server

People are amazed by my thermostat. I ordered hardware to build five more of these sensors, this time ESP8266

Brought my Arduino with a thermometer and an OLED display to work, to show my team leader that we hit the 27 °C in the afternoon.

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