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I have to say, matrix homeserver works way better with IPv4 enabled. Since I run out of IPv4 addresses I have to live with IPv6 only. I'll eventually know how to get more addresses 😅

Waiting for so much hardware for so many projects. I feel stuck

Rant about capitalism and real estate market 

If you want to rent a flat nowadays, you have to make an offer for what you are willing to pay. Meanwhile, there are a lot of empty houses in Vienna but they are not available for rent. There is no shortage, there are just greedy people. Fuck capitalism!

What I did so far. Creating the configuration for one router and updating https:/// to version 2.8.0. It doesn't seem like a lot of work but it actually was

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I start to realize how racist people in Austria 🇦🇹 are. Nobody tells you in your face, but so many people have a Nazi mindset. I’m disgusted. Im thinking about reporting my experience here with a hashtag

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nearly every RFC would be better with illustration

this particular one would do very well with a dark forest in a fairy tale sort of theme

Compiling gcc or how I call it: Cleaning the fans of the server

People are amazed by my thermostat. I ordered hardware to build five more of these sensors, this time ESP8266

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Brought my Arduino with a thermometer and an OLED display to work, to show my team leader that we hit the 27 °C in the afternoon.

YouTube comments 

I did it again… I read the YouTube comments, stupid me. People are complaining that the journalist is not neutral, cause she is not sharing their opinion.

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:flan_think: What's your *second* career of choice?

Not, what would you do if you decided you wanted to set fires and run away and do something totally different, but like ... the thing you'd honestly consider switching to if you just couldn't find the right position and needed to cultivate another path?

Maybe I should assign more than one core to the VM which is cross compiling the packets for my MIPS router

Finally I got 12 running on my ERL. Tomorrow I’ll do the PPPoE, routing, NAT and PF. Still need to cross compile some ports

I’m not a early-going-to-bed person. Every time I try I lay there awaken for hours

I already would be happy if Pay would be available in Austria

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