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I'm now using and I got some basics working. The learning curve was high for me since I'm used to REST APIs.

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I'm playing around with a GraphQL library for Erlang since two days and can't get it working.
I don't know who is shitty, GraphQL, the library or me.

I get the feeling that I'll not become a fan of graphql at all

@nihl That’s to bad. Sometimes a these devices have tcpdump. But doesn’t seem like with this device.

I guess you did the wireshark thing already directly on the machine connected to the device.

@nihl Very interesting to read.
I'm always surprised that ISPs still use default users.#

The pictures are interesting. I was not willing to open mine since I didn't went for the renting option.

Have you been able to listen on the copper port with wireshark? Is there a chance that the device does something with the VLANs after it pulls the configuration from the ISP?

@nihl That would be awesome. Yes, please. I already subscribed to the RSS Feed.

@nihl Actually it's super interested and I'm interested in the result

At least I had the password for the encrypted backup. Restoration of my home folder took about one hour

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Had to reinstall the OS on my laptop because I couldn’t remember the password to decrypt the disk. Ironically this happens when you don’t have to reboot your computer regularly.

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@Kadda danke fürs teilen der privaten Situation und Gefühle.

Bei manchen Menschen soll die Impfung geholfen haben. Besteht noch Hoffnung oder bist du bereits geimpft worden?

Ich hoffe und wünsch, dass das wieder weg geht!

Load of 60 on a machine is good, right. With that I’ll stop working and start the weekend ☺️

@raichoo how does it do compared to sprays or rollers?

@dansup I would prefer if all public posts from the same account with this hashtag are shown.

If I love food photography but I’m not interested in following an account for a reason (e.g. the other posts trigger something) this is a great way to solve this dilemma

@nihl I know some cases in different cities where the fibers are there but nobody can afford to rent them

@nihl that’s a dream. This should be adopted by the entire EU

@nihl that’s sad. It doesn’t have to be bad if you follow the standard.
I had to deal with they’re Indian call center for business customers a couple of times. The employees are nice but they get a lot of pressure from the management.
Recent building means everything newer than 2015?

@nihl it’s managed by some Huawei proprietary thing. You don’t have access from the customers side. But maybe they let switch you to this one, which is just a media converter.
I just have limited experience with GPON since this country, unfortunately still tries to get every bit out of the telephone lines they digged here a long time ago.

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