Anyway. Dresses are beautiful! I like to see them on everybody ☺️

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I have to add that it wasn’t my family which was telling that a dress is not appropriate for a boy. The supported the idea of trying.

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I guess I already didn’t understand as a kid why the sex defines what you can wear

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When I was a kid I always wanted to wear dresses. My mom gave me once one from my sister but everyone made me feel bad wearing it. Dresses are sooo beautiful and there is such a great variety of them. Unfortunately, due to society I’m not willing to wear them now.

@wnetoa if you are born and raised here it bothers you less?

Just deleted my WhatsApp account. Next stop, Instagram

A little sad that it makes me feel better that my code is more beautiful 🙈

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I hope I don‘t write Python code like my dear colleagues. Repeating a row of 6 commands for three times instead of putting it into a function. And that’s just the harmless stuff. I would be ashamed to see my name behind the __author__ tag if I would have written this.

*putontodolist* improve this script

How can it bee that CDs are cheaper than the download of the same lossless albumg. If I can get the CD for 3,99€ when the download is 15,99€, what do I do? Actually I would prefer to get just the Download

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I started playing Counter Strike again. Someone like me can’t play counter strike and not go down the rabbit hole of learning everything about how to become a decent player

After loosing quite some time I want to share this with you. If you experience problems with Emacs and you installed it from Flathub, try from another source. It seems like permissions are causing troubles. In my case, I couldn’t get LSP for Erlang and Emacs work and error messages weren’t helping.

@ij @reticuleena Ich nutze auf allen Links BFD. Das nimmt die Nachbarschaften down auch wenn die Interfaces up sind

Maybe your news didn’t mention this: Farmers in India could have a hard time. My coworker who has Indian roots send me this article. Seems like Modi wants to change the law for the worse. Now you can’t say you didn’t know

If this IT thing isn’t going to work out I will become a carpenter or baker. Can’t decide which one I like more

YouTube decided to show me ads for swimming excavators. I would definitively be interested in a video about this things

@nihl Super tired. But productive. Weire combination. And there?

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