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Was neues gelernt: Neben dem Bechdel-Test für Filme gibt es auch den Finkbeiner-Test für Artikel über Wissenschaftlerinnen:

"To pass the test, an article about a female scientist must not mention:

That she is a woman
Her husband's job
Her childcare arrangements
How she nurtures her underlings
How she was taken aback by the competitiveness in her field
How she is a role model for other women
How she's the "first woman to..."


There is so much information I would like to consume and so little time. My pod catcher has constantly more than 80 episodes in the inbox, it’s the same with RSS reader.
I also don’t won’t read and listen for the sake of consumption, I want to remember and learn. Didn’t find a solution yet for this problem

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Are you interested in federated Stories support? #pixelfed

Two things that are coming: climate change and IPv6

@byllgrim i did not find anything that meets my requirements: reliable, fast, easy to use and not ugly

@feld thank you for the input. I’ll look into the syntax and see what I can do

@feld I’ll start with networking monitoring with SNMP. Currently I’m implementing SNMP in my own way, cause I don’t like how the built in SNMP library is designed. Afterwards I’ll look into syslog and other scripts

A project which I wanted to do for a long time is finally coming alive. A erlang based monitoring/ statistics service.

I would like to see more IPv6 traffic facing my mail server. Just Google and a hand full of other providers use IPv6 for there email infrastructure

Just of curiosity I check the stocks of some American arms manufacturers, guess what, there price went enormously up. Welcome to our fucked up world

A good day to cycle to work 🚴🏽‍♂️

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FreeBSD users of ports' openssl beware: security/openssl was upgraded to 1.1.1 and openssl111 is no more!
Start your builders!..

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shell of choose... pls, boost!

I stumbled about this visualization which displays how much micro plastic we eat, kind of shocking graphics.reuters.com/ENVIRONME

@nihl If I would be single, that’s would be exactly what I would do

When I moved to Vienna I promise to myself that I’ll not get grumpy, like the typical stereotype Viennese. Coming back from a trip where people are genuinely nice to me is always a good reminder about that promise.

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