My internet connection got upgraded, to bad that I’ll move soon and it will be slow again

I implemented into my WireGuard setup also OSPF and OSPFv3. More dynamic with more fun

@nihl I always thought about doing that. I'm looking forward to my Librem 5 and than I'll probably do as much as possible on the phone and for the rest I'll have a virtualised desktop. Regarding to your posts your setup still has some hiccups?

@nihl never tried to get them working passed through to a vm. I’m already happy if the onboard ones work with acceleration. What task to they have inside the VM? Actually graphics or some rendering or similar stuff?

@nihl never thought about it like that. Makes a lot of sense and I agree. Network interface are easier to debug with tools like wireshark or tcpdump, to me knowledge there is nothing like this for GPUs

@nihl True, they are peripheral. What you are doing seems to me more sophisticated. What makes them so bad for you?

@wnetoa Sorry, that was not my intention. I just wanted to report how this situation felt for me with the group of persons which surrounded me at that moment

Yeeeea, now all the newspapers report that a politician in Austria wants to establish something like the "Ten Commandments" for refugee. One of these commandments is "You should live in gratitude to Austria." More interesting to me was how the Austrians reported this today to me, with a big and proud smile.

I decided about the hashtag I'll use for my reports from racist Austria:

White people surrounded by brown thoughts. You will understand better when you see the Austrian flag 🇦🇹

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I should study for the CCNA cause the CCNP is already scheduled. Less procrastination more doing stuff

I have a problem with bad smells and would appreciate that my colleges brush their teeth regularly or consider chewing gum. I did not find a way to address this. My passive offer to bonbons or gums are rejected

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Thinking about changing from open regestration to invite only from current members on my mastodon instance. The most resent created accounts seem shady to me.

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