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So I just made my first commit using the new commit message editor I’m making called Comet ;)

It’s looking rough at the moment but progressing rapidly.

Coming soon to the elementary OS AppCenter :)

#elementaryOS #comet #apps #git #editor

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, and is working. All services are up and running. What's the problem?

I moved my home setup to a Raspberry PI 3B with Docker.

Do I like it? No!
Is it more convenient, now where I have less time to care about this kind of things? Yes

@artem Mit borg. Dort läuft das Datenbank und Datei Backup hin. Mit den Nextcloud-Mitteln bin ich nicht war geworden

@artem Kann ich bestätigen. Ich habe die Nextcloud neu installiert und die Daten aus einem Backup hergestellt. Danke für die proaktive Meldung 👍🏼

@artem Danke für deine Rückmeldung.
Bei mir fehlt eine Tabelle in der Datenbank. Bin bis jetzt aber noch nicht weiter zum schauen gekommen.

@nihl Is the building looking from the outside like a DC?

@artem Danke für die Antwort. Ich hoffe auch. Ich habe die Logs angeschaut und mir fehlt plötzlich eine Tabelle in der Datenbank

@artem Hi, konntest du das Problem lösen? Ich habe nun das gleiche Problem.

Apparently there where protesting 20.000 people in Vienna

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Police has of course a helicopter. But they are afraid for the wrong reasons!

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O boy, this politicians fail so much. The protest in Vienna is huge and we are still getting ignored.

Tried to play with kubernetes the entire day. I don’t get the concept it, yet. But I’ll get there. Just to say I know how to use it

@nihl looks super cool. Have fun with the new one

I thought a little about it. My data is apparently worth more than my 9,99 € I give them per month

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Spotify canceled my account because I didn't agree to there last change in the terms an conditions. I couldn't care less

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Things I learned from therapy, part one: (chime in if you want to!):

1. The first 20 thoughts while you’re in crisis mode are a lie. Never believe them.

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