@nihl welcome. Stil in the process to get my AS cause of RIPE but the service of SnapServ is excellent

Carolina Deslandes latest album World ist playing for the last day, none stop. Probably my new favorite album

I'm thinking about to close the registration for this instance since there are lately a lot of fake and spam accounts. Please let me know your opinion. Invitations by you would still work.

@1raindog As you probably know, mastodon works as a distributed system.
All accounts which are know by this instance will appear when you search for them. Also the toot from the known accounts do appear here. How does this instance gets to know accounts, you might ask? By users which follow other users, from other instances. In case you have more questions or this wasn't useful don't hesitate to ask again

@cm kannst du mir eine DM schicken, dann schau ich was wir machen können

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A big thank you all for downloading and enjoying this release. We've been overwhelmed by the response, and are happy to see that already contributions are happening.


Just installed kanboard and gogs. Stuff is getting serious

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So many blog post drafts, so little time. I really want to publish more, and I will!

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If you use Safari on macOS, you can right-click the address bar when visiting a site to get ‘Settings for This Website’ such as disallowing use of mic/camera/location (useful on dodgy sites!) and the page zoom level (handy when the text size is too small!) A very hidden menu.

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