@brunoph I’m not an expert at all at USB but I know a little networking, maybe what you search is USB over IP instead of Ethernet

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bei twitter hatte dieses lämmchen nur drei retweets. dies ist ein test, ob ich dem genossen sagen kann, auf mastodon wissen die leute sowas eher zu schätzen

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I would like to (dis)prove something my transphobic father said.
#transgender people, did you choose a name that’s a diminutive of or sounds like your deadname?
Preferably boost for a larger sample size.

@tante what’s so bad about Signal? Totally agree with the crypto currency bs

@marmo Sollte noch weiterhin Interesse bestehen schick mir einfach eine DM, dass ich dir Einladungslinks zukommen lassen kann

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Wenn Leute behaupten, die Wahrheit liege immer irgendwo in der Mitte, muss ich an dieses Bild hier denken:

@marmo hey :) Prinzipiell kein Problem. Rein aus Interesse würde mich interessieren ob das den Betreibern der Seiten bekannt ist.

Die Instanz ist ein Hobby, ich kann also keine SLAs oder Ähnliches garantieren.

@lisseuse abhängig vom Client. Einige haben ein Delete & Redraft implementiert

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I really hope this wave of new people leads to more non-nerd content. We have plenty of nerds (including me) here but that can be quite intimidating or even off-putting.

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@cryptoparty somehow I enjoy the rap from alyona alyona quite a lot. Which is weird ‘caus I don’t like rap music in general

Hey cool kids from the Internet. How are you? Took a little break from all social media and it felt good

@Kadda kann Holgi recherchieren wie die Schweiz von den vielen dort ansässigen Big Pharma Unternehmern bzw. einem Krieg profitiert? Würde mich interessieren ob das nur ein Bauchgefühl und verzerrte Wahrnehmung ist oder ein Fakt.

Apple Music suggests Ukrainian music on they’re discover page. Found immediately stuff I like

My journey is complete. iPhone -> Fairphone 4 -> iPhone. The hardware of the Fairphone is solid and good but the software sucks. Android is years behind iOS, also I’m used to how things work in the Apple world.

I also think that Fairphone did a huge mistake in launching a phone wehre the photo app is not complete. As a fresh baked dad this is the main reason why I switch back, losing memories I want to capture but not doing it because the results are not worth it. Not ecological at all!

Feeling a bit meh, Russian/Ukrainian conflict 

@nihl the same here!

The vast majority of people I talk to are motivation to act and do something to stop the climate crises but they feel lost since there is no help from the government

@joaopinheiro bom fim de semana também. Possa, assim fico com saudades de Portugal

Hopefully we can celebrate our wedding this year. We are married for more than a year but we plan to do the big party this year. And since we got parents meanwhile it'll be more like a celebrate-the-family party.

Therefore I'm writing a website in Elixir/ Phoenix where the guests will be able to login and tell if they are attending. It will also have a agenda for the events during the day and a welcome video.

I have more ideas but let's see what I can do in short time.

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