Finding the problem was the easy part, telling the other team that they made the mistake and not sound cocky was in this case a little hard.

After one month of being in Portugal it's weird to be back in Austria

Hopefully Tim, Jeff, Elon and all the other CEOs watch I would like to see there faces

Coming from Apples iOS, Android feels at some points way behind. The Fairphone 4 itself is a nice mid-range phone. The camera seems nice but can't show it's full potential since the software is not fully ready yet.

@tobtobxx I'll publish the source code next month. Currently I have a hardware problem on my git server.

@tobtobxx actually I use SVGs, but thank you for the feedback, I'll have a look at at. Could you tell me which browse you used?

Amazed by the incredible work of NASA, ESA and CSA

Wishing a great week and that you company doesn't use Java

@johl und dann warten wir auf die nächste Variante?

My colleges which design the core network always ask the same stupid question when I point out that we don’t have native IPv6 everywhere: „where is the use-case, nobody offers just IPv6 services?”

Meanwhile AWS and Hetzner offer IPv6 only services.

I already foresee that we need suddenly to deploy it super fast and my team needs to help urgently. Morons!

Watching the vacuum robot with my 3 month old while he is doing his work. I prefer this over, they watch me while I do my work

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@Kadda Die Impfgegnermutter meinte, dass Sie sich, wenn überhaupt, nur mit einen Totimpfstoff impfen lässt. Ich hoffe also, dass der Impfstoff zugelassen wird bevor sie diesen Winter mit dem Virus in Kontakt kommt.
Ein kleiner Lichtblick

@aparrish @aral

Would it be nice to have a garden where I can chill? Sure!
Where I can invite all my friends and everyone has a good time? Hell, yea!
Where I can invite the whole world? Why would I do that!

@kyle Sending messages from instagram to Facebook is possible, and the other way around. Can’t verify since I don’t have accounts there but the internet says so.

Change my mind: Ether we change the time during the year constantly and don’t have 24 h days anymor or we stop playing this game of playing around with other peoples bio rhythm

Ditched my gaming PC an using GeForce NOW. With a decent internet connection it's pretty usable. If I use a cable, WiFi is not usable at all

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