@joaopinheiro A lot of german podcasters use WordPress with the Podlove plugin: podlove.org/

And there is the radiator project, also from podlove “tem” but it’s still under development:

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Has anyone become IRL friends with someone they met on #mastodon ?

Please boost I'm curious

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I checked in my photo library. The first ones I did around summer 2015

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I baked bread even before corona 😂

Lately I’m watching everything from Trevor Noha and found this nice peace from three years ago youtu.be/F2xv4fba65U

And I should add another machine. I’m not willing to lose my entire Lightroom catalogue for a second time

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After this incident I decided to change to hourly backups on the notebook. For the servers I stick with one backup per day

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Wow, that's big news. Threema goes Open Source. Let's see how serious they are: threema.ch/en/blog/posts/open-

Uuuuuh Mapillary got bought by Facebook, Inc. Let's uninstall this app before even opening and install OpenStreetCam

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@nihl To answer your question more precisely: No, I did not check yet if there are maps from the government for public use 😅

@nihl For now I use the satellite pictures from Bing to map the buildings. Some little things like supermarkets, pharmacies and so on I know by mind.
On my next vacation I'll make a tour with OpenStreetCam for more detailed information. Let's see when this will be possible 😓

Yesterday I realized that there is nearly no OpenStreetMap content in the home town of my girl friend in Portugal. Today I spend a little time to add some buildings and street names.
My plan is to use the small breaks during work where I have to wait for people to add more content over time

The restore from a backup just saved me 8 hours of work. What a relieve

Tried darktabel and I find it really unintuitive.Is this the best open source DAM out there? Seems like I'm stuck with Lightroom for a little longer

What I forgot to say. If you want access to my pixelfed instance send me a pm and I'll make it happen

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