Cross compiling FreeBSD on my Mac inside a VM using xhyve which is basically bhyve which is the FreeBSD hypervisor. Did I mention that I like FreeBSD very much?

Maybe I should assign more than one core to the VM which is cross compiling the packets for my MIPS router

Finally I got 12 running on my ERL. Tomorrow I’ll do the PPPoE, routing, NAT and PF. Still need to cross compile some ports

Rainy weather, can't sleep. Meanwhile my ideas about a router are evolving

Update day, also installed 12.0 on the mail server. Still need to find a better way to do the backups

Here we go. I replaced with since they released an iOS beta today. works out of the box like a charm. I got a wild mix of , , and . Everything worked just instant

After one year with and another six month with different distributions, I decided to change back to a Mac. Unfortunatly there is nothing like the ecosystem is a small mastodon instance for the world's greatest planet on earth. We respect all opinions but please have in mind that we are all humans. Hate speech will not be tolerated.