After moving my server from a Raspberry Pi to a amd64 machine the performance increased incredibly. The performance of on has still room for improvement, I have to tell

I’m pretty frustrated about the and the support. Currently I’m not able to boot up without writing two commands by hand and after that I’m getting kernel panics when I’m trying to change the switch configuration.

12.1 did not recognise the internal switch of the ESPRESSObin so I had to build FreeBSD 13.0 from head. I have to say, it runs pretty stable so far.

Wohooooh, I got booting on the Espressobin 🎉 Now I’ll have reproduce the steps and than I’ll publish them on my blog

Cross compiling FreeBSD on my Mac inside a VM using xhyve which is basically bhyve which is the FreeBSD hypervisor. Did I mention that I like FreeBSD very much?

Maybe I should assign more than one core to the VM which is cross compiling the packets for my MIPS router

Finally I got 12 running on my ERL. Tomorrow I’ll do the PPPoE, routing, NAT and PF. Still need to cross compile some ports

Rainy weather, can't sleep. Meanwhile my ideas about a router are evolving

Update day, also installed 12.0 on the mail server. Still need to find a better way to do the backups

Here we go. I replaced with since they released an iOS beta today. works out of the box like a charm. I got a wild mix of , , and . Everything worked just instant

After one year with and another six month with different distributions, I decided to change back to a Mac. Unfortunatly there is nothing like the ecosystem

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