So Cloudflare created a website to put pressure on ISPs to adopt RPKI, which is called

In general, I like this idea, but they just implemented it half the way.
In my case: I use two ISPs, one for IPv4 without RPKI and one for IPv6 with RPKI. Now they tell me that the provider for IPv6 doesn't have RPKI implemented. This happens because Cloudflare did not implement separated checks for IPv4 and IPv6

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Also, some ISPs already implemented RPKI for IPv6 but struggle to switch it on for IPv4 since they don't want to break there service for there customers. Especially in the time of a crisis.

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I left them a comment on there blog post about this topic, where I'm way nicer than in this ranty-thread. The blog post can be found here
My comment still waits for improvement from there moderation team.

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