Any of you uses FreeBSD on the desktop? I’m thinking about it (again). How is the status with watching Netflix? How is power management? Will a notebook go to sleep if I close the lid? If this stuff is not working I’ll chose a Linux distribution

@tscho I use FreeBSD as a desktop machine, with a bit of a twist since it's a virtual machine with a GPU, a USB controller and an audio controller passed through. I can't really answer any of those questions (it's not a laptop and I don't watch Netflix), sorry, but I might be able to help on some other things.

@nihl If I remember right you did some Windows administration. Do you miss anything that was plug and pray with Windows but doesn’t work with FreeBSD?
What are the things you miss in general? What window manger do you use?

@tscho It's a very different experience, compared to windows. The most frustrating thing with my setup is getting the GPU to work, even though FreeBSD has a bunch of drivers it's not always simple (note that in my case Windows, Gentoo and OpenBSD don't work at all).
I use herbstluftwm as my WM, and I use the CLI a lot. I can't say that I miss anything but what I have now is pretty much what I've been using for almost a decade now and I've probably adapted how I use computers to what's available and that fits my needs. FreeBSD itself doesn't really miss anything in these things though.

@nihl thanks a lot, that helps! Maybe this will be the year of FreeBSD on the desktop ;)
I already tested some Linux Distros and the initial pain regarding drivers was way less. Also the support for DRM in the browser is there for e. g. Netflix. I hope the machine will adopt to me, not the other way around

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