@nihl never thought about it like that. Makes a lot of sense and I agree. Network interface are easier to debug with tools like wireshark or tcpdump, to me knowledge there is nothing like this for GPUs

@tscho Yeah, and IMO they're just better designed (well, except the realtek ones). I've never had to go through tons of hoops to get a NIC passed through to a VM, and/or to get drivers for it.
Higher-end GPUs (like really expensive Quadros) might be better, but the consumer market is just flooded with low-quality products.

@nihl never tried to get them working passed through to a vm. I’m already happy if the onboard ones work with acceleration. What task to they have inside the VM? Actually graphics or some rendering or similar stuff?

@tscho I've virtualised my workstation, it used to run on a Pentium G4560 and 8GB of RAM, now it's got 3 cores out of a Ryzen 2700X (and still 8GB of RAM). I have to passthrough the GPU because I'd have to use something like a thin client or something like that if I didn't, and that would kinda defeat the purpose (I basically wanted to have more room on the shelf where my homelab is). I'll try to get another one passed through to a Windows VM to play video-games as well.

@nihl I always thought about doing that. I'm looking forward to my Librem 5 and than I'll probably do as much as possible on the phone and for the rest I'll have a virtualised desktop. Regarding to your posts your setup still has some hiccups?

@tscho I've had some issues to actually set it all up, now it's been fairly stable (most of the issues I had were not related to the fact that the desktop itself was a virtual machine).
You really want a backup yeah, anything that can SSH into your infra just to not to have to get a monitor and keyboard to login on the hypervisor that hosts your desktop when there's a problem. I've got a small NUC clone running OpenBSD, a phone will probably do very well too.
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