Is there a way to start a workout on the Apple Watch from one of the Shortcuts? I have something like this in mind:
- Start a cycle workout on the watch
- Start plying a podcast
- Send a message to someone

I’m always impressed by the Internet services in . Just installed all the updates for the iDevices in the Airbnb via a symmetric 200 MBit/s connection. And of course you get addresses assigned. The truly amazing thing is, that you get this fiber speed also in villages with 500 residents. I’ll not compare this to and

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Finally: 'master/slave' terminology removed from Python #programming #language. May appear superficial to some, but signals like this entrenched in tech culture contribute to exclusionary environments.

Just watched "I am not an easy man (Je ne suis pas un homme facile )" which made my brain going cracy. Realising how much I'm stuck in the gender roles made me think...

Reading the helped me more than trying to understand the documentation of Cisco.

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“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”
– Frank Zappa

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Good morning. Maybe some of you go into the week with a knot in their gut, or just a general feeling that Mondays aren't any good and a long week is ahead of us.
Try to remember that we've thought that about many past weeks already and yet, we're still here and still going strong. Shake off the tension and give this week a chance. It might surprise you in a good way.

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Die AfD im Deutschlandtrend erstmals stärkste Partei in Ostdeutschland mit 27%

Denkt daran wenn das nächste Polizeiaufgabengesetz oder Anti-Terror-Paket für "unsere Sicherheit" verabschiedet wird.

Wenn der Staat kippt, sind das die Gesetze die uns unterdrücken werden.

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Battlefield 5 seems like it’s going to be a fun game. As far as I can tell from the Beta

I definitively will decrease my sugar and caffeine consumption. This feeling of permanent stress even in peaceful moments drives me crazy

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Yes! You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Finally the new muscle memory is starting to take hold. New MacBook Pro with touch bar forced me to re-map ESC to the left CAPS lock key on all my keyboards.

vi user here, with a solid ESC muscle memory training of over 25 years.

For about a month I've been reaching for the void that used to be the hardware ESC key. Now I'm finally consistent with the new location. *phew*

I have the pleasure to use a Nokia 3310. Funny device...

Current status of the little statistics tool I hacked last week

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Started with creating an Mastodon iOS App. Let's see if I will finish it one day 😅

One of my old bosses always said “have to nice”. That was funny.

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