If the fiber internet installation is successfully too, it could be an awesome day

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Got up early, went for a bike ride and got vaccinated. I think after one hour of being awake I can call it a successful day.

It seems like I'm hosting this mastodon instance for me and another user. I'm thinking about throwing the towel and join another server. Saves time, money and electricity

I checked for a replacement for my Apple Watch but apparently all the other vendors don’t let you replace the battery either. I think I’ll save my money than

The resilvering failed but the machine is responsive again. Seems like the controller and the drive are not up to something good

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I have a huge I/O problem on my FreeBSD server after upgrading to FreeBSD 13.0. Unfortunately a disk died at the same time. Let’s see how everything looks after the zfs resliver.

You can say what ever you want about Apple... I had to go to pick up something at there store today and they enforce anyone who enters to disinfect their hands, employees are wearing there masks properly and there is a limit of allowed people inside there store.

If the grocer around the corner would be half as strict,maybe we would still go there

Service Toot: Today is Bandcamp Friday

What a coincidence. I changed from borg to bupstash unknowing that it's world backup day

Vienna in a nutshell: We just wanted to check for a stroller and suddenly joined the fight for human rights

I discovered the Gnome Builder, which gives me a running application immediately.

Nevertheless the documentation is complete shit. If you want to create a macOS or iOS Application you get great tutorials and lots of documentation.

Just because I can look at others open source programs it doesn't mean it's intuitive and easy to learn writing apps.

This cocky open soucre world some times pisses me so off.

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The good thing are: having better 5G reception and native Windows Updates

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I got the AstraZeneca vaccine. Yes, about 18 hours later I started to have side effects, but nothing serious, limb pain and feel weak. I simply went to bed.

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I just wash my hairs just every second day and use shampoo just once a week. The density of my hairs increased drastically.

I trie to get rust and gtk+ working since a couple of days. I can see why Linux on the desktop is not a thing. It's horrible!
This is probably why everyone is creating Electron Applications

This shitty Teams Electron software occupies on average half a gigabyte of RAM and on peak 1,2 GB. Thats more than Firefox with 18 Tabs open. Why did we make this horrible turn?

Read stuff about , now I'm sad. Have a good night y'all

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