The Ubiquiti UniFi access point ate neighbour solicitation and router solicitation packets. I had to reboot the device and only the my WiFi devices got IPv6 addresses. Why would a device do something like this?

Still no auto boot on the but I moved my internet anyway to the device. The Cisco router is already switched off. I have full feed IPv6. Next step is the backup via LTE

Comments about my snowboarding-tiger-boots are warmly welcomed 🤣

Niiiiice, I got PPPoE working on the . Unfortunately I don’t have more time to play around so I had to switch back to the Cisco. That means I’ll publish my blog post soon

The reason to print something at work: Having private documents

(And yes, we have a fair use policy)

And than I forgot to backup my pf.conf before I reinstalled everything. Firewalling is always the most unsatisfying thing until it’s working

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Since my Windows gaming hardware is from 2010 I decided to give this GeForce NOW thing a shot

Current state of mind: Listening to The Beatles the whole day

I’m in a dilemma: I would like to write my own blog backend in but it would be another (unfinished) side project. Since I’m not satisfied with the current blog software (ghost) I’m not posting

My router is running out of RAM. My fault, I’m feeding the poor 512 MB thingy with a full feed IPv6 feed. Time to get the working

@nihl did you checkt the notebooks from system76 or purism?

Trying to find new music on Bandcamp is harder than expected. In two weeks I just bought three albums because I listened to them more than two times. Anyone who can recommend an artist?

Good morning beautiful people on the internet

Yeeeaaay. Now can haz BFD for my BGP uplink

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Was neues gelernt: Neben dem Bechdel-Test für Filme gibt es auch den Finkbeiner-Test für Artikel über Wissenschaftlerinnen:

"To pass the test, an article about a female scientist must not mention:

That she is a woman
Her husband's job
Her childcare arrangements
How she nurtures her underlings
How she was taken aback by the competitiveness in her field
How she is a role model for other women
How she's the "first woman to..."

There is so much information I would like to consume and so little time. My pod catcher has constantly more than 80 episodes in the inbox, it’s the same with RSS reader.
I also don’t won’t read and listen for the sake of consumption, I want to remember and learn. Didn’t find a solution yet for this problem

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Are you interested in federated Stories support? #pixelfed

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