SLAAC: Shameless Address Autoconfiguration

Fired up my Matrix server and installed some updates. Unfortunately the only use case I have for Matrix it is the Librem 5 room

Looking forward to my Librem 5 let's see if I really be in the march batch.

Still did not figure out how I can get FreeBSD on the ESPRESSObin.

Soooooo, how do I upgrade FreeBSD on a Raspberry Pi? Any suggestions?

Sonce it’s so cool to wear NASA merchandise I’ll go and order some shirts and sweaters from esa. Take that fashion people I’m beyond NASA

I binged through the first three episodes of “The Morning Show”. If the rumors are true that Apple influenced the content to reduce violence and cursing words, I have to say the show would be to much in the original way. Like it is I’m enjoying a lot and recommend watching

Tried evil-mode. Finally emacs makes sense

YAML, I don't like it but what should I do, using JSON as config files is not an option

I made it to an habit to donate to ShareTheMeal, every time I eat at a restaurant. I you didn’t know it maybe consider using it

My coworkers are discovering self hosting and now I get consulted for all the Linux questions

I’m waiting for the first Catalyst Apps which could be interesting for me. Twitter is for sure not an App I would like to have on my computer

TTL 3 hours - Time to leave in 3 hours

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My change to Emacs is slow but it is happening. Org-mode is kinda nice

Today I went out to shoot some photos, I missed to do that

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