Estou à espera de saber se fui ou não seleccionado para fazer uma formação. Entretanto o meu tempo divide-se em:
- aprender V
- aprender Go
- aprender flutter
- fazer um site de fotografia
- ler livros tecnicos que tenho na prateleira
Pergunta honesta: porque é que não me dedico a só uma coisa de cada vez? Sinceramente não sei.

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You know how the Eiffel Tower won the Grand Prize at the 1889 World Fair? Well, it had to share the glory with a book.

Not any book: A book ENTIRELY WOVEN IN SILK.

You heard right. And nerds, get this: All pages of this book were produced on the Jacquard loom in 1889, using thousands (200k-500k) of punch cards. Only 50-60 copies were made. >

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What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

My notion of time is borked. I just wake up and it's 2 am.

I'm back into mastodon, Twitter publicity makes me sick.

Just imagine the inventors of that time contemplating a today smartphone...

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So, I've been reading Wikipedia about radio waves and I found that the very first projects of radio transmitters were bigger than elephants. (I mean the box not the antenna)

@tscho will this mastodon instance be available forever? What happens to my username if not?

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