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Everyday steps you can take to control your digital privacy, security, and well-being in ways that feel right to you.
الخطوات اليومية التي يمكنك اتخاذها للسيطرة على خصوصيتك الرقمية بطرق بسيطة
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"If Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads on his ‘solution’ to the ‘Jewish problem’."

Sacha Baron Cohen

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If you feel like you'll never have the time or skills to flash a phone but crave an alternate, Google-free phone, you have the following three options (I'm aware of) atm:

1.) Sailfish OS: apart from the odd already flashed device on Ebay et al, you can go to the shop at jolla-devices.com and see what's in stock (not too much atm, but Xperia 10 is on the horizon and will be available through this page);


2. ) De-Googled Android: @gael|s /e/ foundation sells its user-friendly open-source Android OS preinstalled on refurbished phones at e.foundation/e-pre-installed-r



3.) And last but not least, you can always go to a @cryptoparty near you, bring a phone and will probably find someone who will help you flash it with an open OS like /e/ or #Lineage for free.

You can find those e.g. in London @CryptoPartyLDN, Berlin @cryptoparty_berlin or Toulouse @Cryptoparty – just have a look at cryptoparty.in/parties/upcomin for upcoming events.


Good night, and good luck! 🤓

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All crew,

We have updated our privacy policy for all Enterprise crew members.

The policy describes how we use internal sensors to generate a transporter signature of your brain and body at the quantum level, and when and how we transmit that info to third-party planets.


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If you want to try an activity for assessing risks for your favorite superheroes, a hypothetical jewelry store, or
threats more realistic for your community, try using SEC's threat modeling handout (now in Spanish and English!) sec.eff.org/materials/threat-m twitter.com/TXJennieK/status/1

nitter.net is such an excellent tool/website!

(it's to birdsite what invidio.us is to youtube)

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FYI, Google is trying to kill web URLs

Google wants users to use Google search as the access point for all content on the web. They are doing this by:
1. Removing visible URLs in Chrome
2. Penalizing sites for not using Google AMP
3. Removing URLs from search results

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An example of how not to remove personal data in documents. (We removed the name here.)

You can easily copy the blackened line, and paste it somewhere else with data that shouldn't be there.

If you want to avoid something like this, black out lines, print out the file, and scan it afterwards.

#personaldata #fail #privacy

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@40goingon28@twitter.com One of the displays I really liked at The Glass Room was a “white collar crime heatmap” predicting where white collar crime was likely to occur for more effective policing 🙂

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