Next pEp Engine release will drop support for GnuPG and will support only PGP Sequoia

#pEp #cryptography

Request for help about : Tor / Android  

#Enigmail #Thunderbird #GPG


PSA: Enigmail will not work with the new Thunderbird beta. They've ripped out the APIs we use in preparation for the upcoming release of TB78. If you need Enigmail, stick with official TB releases.



📗 Exposing the Invisible - The Kit
Take a look a this tool, designed for those who believe in the power of information as evidence but who recognise that working with information does not necessarily lead to immediate results or desired changes



In light of' block buster reporting re: privacy over the break, we'd like to humbly recommend taking time to work through's Data Detox Kit.


Face Recognition Stop alliance is calling for a definitive ban: Against government plans to expand automatic face recognition across Germany

"Visiting a website grants it rights to conduct a data mugging: all one's valuables get spirited away, sold through a data fence to the highest bidder. If we fight these robbers, we're told that the economic basis for the Web would implode."
@theregister …

Tell @google that people shouldn't have to trade their privacy and security for access to a smartphone!

Sign our petition:


“Hey EFF, can you recommend a specific VPN?”

No, but here’s a new lesson plan on how to talk about VPNs (and why it’s hard to recommend a specific one) from the Security Education Companion.

“Even if the Silicon Valley tech giant doesn’t plan to use that health and fitness data to show you ads, you can rest assured that Google has plenty of other uses for that data.”

Alright, tested beta release of #CryptoParty pastries in #Berlin tonight. These were certainly not persistent cookies. #Hackback

Get the 3D model of the cutter on Github and make your own CryptoCookies.

The IT-Department of the city of #Vienna (#Austria) really seem to hate the free and open internet. They censor #Tor.

Frankly I think there's not excuse for this sort of #Censorship. If you're afraid your websites #security level is not good enough for Tor, it's not good enough for being on the Web in the first place.

Is the Amazon voice assistant you got for Christmas now spying in your home? Get help, join us for the first #Berlin #CryptoParty of 2020, Jan 6th in #Schoeneberg. @cryptoparty_berlin

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