In 2021 german publishers and shops widely started to use a cookieless tracking technology.

It's based on your e-mail and login information, so you should know about it. Especially as you are even tracked without login.

How identity providers work

EFF joins national and international organizations to demand a fair trial for #OlaBini. When the court makes decisions beyond the scope of law and disregards technical information it sets a dangerous precedent for digital rights in Ecuador.

OnionShare 2.5 is out! This version fixes all the security issues found in a comprehensive security audit, and also improves censorship circumvention

Vulnerabilities the pen testers found:
- 0 critical
- 0 high
- 2 elevated
- 3 moderate
- 4 low

Huge thanks to Radically Open Security for bug hunting and OTF's Red Team Labs for paying for it.

You can read the complete penetration test report here:

Looks like a documentary I was a part of six/seven years ago—Information: what are they looking at?—was shown at this year’s CCC. It’s good to see, knowing how much work Theresia put into making it happen with next to no funding.

Warning: YouTube link.

🗓️​ 31.7.21
⏲️​ 19.00
📍​ Tempelhofer Feld #Berlin

Du möchtest lernen, wie einfach es ist, #Verschlüsselung zu benutzen? In entspannter und respektvoller Atmosphäre? Dann komm zur #CryptoParty. Vorwissen braucht es nicht und auch kein Informatikstudium. Neugier, lernen wollen, Fragen stellen ist alles, was ihr braucht. Das eigene Laptop mitzubringen, ist von Vorteil. CryptoParties sind immer ohne Eintritt. Anmelden braucht ihr euch auch nicht, einfach vorbeikommen.

Bringt ne Maske mit
Haltet Abstand
Wer krank ist, bleibt bitte zuhause

Languages: de/en

Bei Regen/Hagel/Schnee wird die Cryptoparty wahrscheinlich in den Cyberspace verlegt. Letzte Infos auf der Website

Next Berlin CryptoParty, happening online: Monday, May 10th, starting 7 PM CEST.

- Encrypted communication
- Surfing the Internet more securely
- Encrypting data and storage devices
- Smartphone security
- Secure passwords
- Free and Open Software
#privacy #security

Nächste #CryptoParty aus #Berlin, online: Montag, 10. Mai 2021, ab 19 Uhr CEST.

- Kommunikation verschlüsseln
- Sicherer Surfen im Internet
- Datenträger verschlüsseln
- Smartphone-Sicherheit
- Sichere Passwörter
- Freie Software
#privacy #security

Nächste #CryptoParty aus #Berlin, morgen online: Montag, 12. April 2021, ab 19 Uhr CET.

Next Berlin CryptoParty, happening online, tomorrow: Monday, April 12th, starting 7 PM CET.

#privacy #security #android

#OnionShare 2.3 just got release.

The new version will not only easily allow you to share/receive files or host a webpage as a Tor hidden service, it now also enables you to host your own anonymous chat.

OnionShare 1.3.2 is installed by default in #Tails. The new version will be available for Tails, as soon as it hits Debian stable.

Shout out to @micahflee for the great work.

#CryptoParty angels assemble! I would love to see some CryptoParty sessions happening at #rC3. @digitalcourage will be featuring an area for CryptoParty related sessions.

If you are interested getting involved organizing or helping out in any capacity I have created a public chat room via XMPP where we can get in touch with each other:

And happy holidays to everyone! :yayblob:

@cryptoparty_berlin @cryptoparty @cryptoparty

Wir wollen uns treffen am 28.12 um 20:00 Uhr in der Hamburger Cryptoparty Lobby

Für alle,
die Hamburger @Cryptoparty_Hamburg

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The developers of Signal are currently doing a user survey:

I told them that I really like the app but also that I would like:
a) Signal on @fdroidorg
b) a proper desktop client
c) no data stored in "secure enclaves"

Maybe you'd like to tell them, too?


"Use a mask,
use Tor.

Resist the surveillance pandemic."
via @torproject

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