You probably heard of #OsmAnd, the swiss knife map app that uses #OpenStreetMap data, but do you know that there's a web-based interface, too?

Check out, and plan your trips with routing, and various map rendering options, while doing so in the comfort of your desktop browser.

It even includes weather forecasts, if you're trying to avoid getting wet for your weekend ride.

You don't even need to register for an #OsmAnd, or #OpenStreetMap account to use it.

💡 ✨ Random Mosaic: Detecting unauthorized physical access with beans, lentils and colored rice

#infosec #security

Interesting move for the Thunderbird email client. It now supports the decentralised chat protocol Matrix, which can be employed for secure transport of any data (via HTTP restful APIs and double-ratchet E2EE with the Olm library). Keen to follow where they take this

⏰ One day to go for the ‘Digital security toolkit against gender-based online violence’ session!

Join us tomorrow at 11hr & learn how to protect yourself and respond to online harassment and attacks.

Book 👉 events.exposingtheinvisible.or

👉Your Chance to work with the @noybeu Team as a #Trainee! 😊

We are looking for young lawyers (like Mariam in the video below) that want to gain experience in #GDPR litigation and enforcement.

⏩Find out more & apply now for January 2023 onward at

Arti 0.5.0 is here! Arti is our ongoing project to create an embeddable Tor client in Rust. This release adds cryptographic acceleration, a useful set of top-level build features, reachable-address filtering, & detection for failed directory downloads.

If some people want to contribute to @torproject but don't know where to start, this week is hackweek ! This means peoples will work on smaller projects, some of which are technical, but some of which aren't, like a project about making comics that draw analogies on Tor.

You can have a look here for more information

‼️BREAKING: Italian DPA @GPDP_IT next to ban #GoogleAnalytics due to the lack of adeqate safeguards for data transfers to the US

Official statement:

Secure communication, data encryption, private web surfing

Learn digital self defence in a respectful and inclusive athmosphere. No prior knowledge required!

😎​ 🌊​ Bring your computer, phone and friends and come to the next #Cryptoparty in #Berlin:

Sunday, June 26th, 2 pm, Amerikanische Gedenkbibliothek, Blücherplatz 1, Berlin,

Tue, June, 28th, 7 pm, Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin,

@ilumium Most importantly, they call on the EU to "support and accelerate" the development and internationalisation of #DigitalCommons, and to establish a member state working group to "mobilise funding".

Via @ldubost

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The EU's outgoing presidency and the Council just passed a remarkable declaration about #DigitalCommons, acknowledging that they "contribute to the preservation and collective control and valuation of data" & "improve the security of digital tools and innovations."

„Hey Google, what is that?“



„Well, I noticed you were searching for a new computer monitor, got excited AND TOLD THE WHOLE INTERNET!“

📢 Calling all translators!

Tomorrow, Friday June 16th is our monthly Localization Hangout at 12:00 UTC onward.

We'll take a look at how previews for translation are built on Tor's Gitlab.

Join us, and find out more about monthly Tor Localization Hangouts:

I'm currently researching feminist hacker groups around the world for an episode for the podcast of the german hacker group @haecksenC. First research has proven a little difficult, so maybe you people on mastodon could help me out: Do you know feminist hacker groups in non german speaking countries? Do you know someone who does? please boost! :boost_ok:

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