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#Data Detox Kit - Everyday steps you can take to control your digital #privacy, #security, and wellbeing in ways that feel right to you. datadetoxkit.org/en/home #Internet by @info_activism@twitter.com

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What does your online presence look like? On this week's #KCRWBerlinTechSciThurs, we spoke to @Info_activism@twitter.com's Cade Diehm, project lead of the Data Detox Kit, about how the project is helping Internet users assess their information. (Re-post) buff.ly/2Gsck5c

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Problematische und illegale Postings müssen gelöscht werden. Aber wir sind gegen Uploadfilter im Vorhinein, denn so gut kann kein Filter sein, dass er nicht auch Legitimes erwischt. Unterstütze uns, damit wir uns weiter dagegen einsetzen können: epicenter.works/unterstuetzung

Unsere Termine für das kommende Semester in der #UniBielefeld stehen fest:

#CryptoParty am 30.10. (Mi) um 18 Uhr in UHG T2-213
#LinuxInstallParty am 07.11. (Do) um 18 Uhr in UHG T2-213
Filmabend #AllCreaturesAreWelcome am 11.11. (Mo) um 20 Uhr in X C2-116 (SozCafé)

Darüber hinaus wird es wieder ein zweiteiliges #CryptoSeminar an der #FHBielefeld geben.

#Digitalcourage #DigitaleSelbstverteidigung #Bielefeld #FLOSS #Linux #CCC

Updates, please!

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Android-Messenger: Signal-Sicherheitslücke erlaubt Belauschen von Nutzern #signal glm.io/144269?t

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#Framasoft will be shutting down several of their services - here is why:

Thanks for all the love, time, money and hard work your have put into your projects @Framasoft 🤗

@craigmaloney I use NextCloud as a Dropbox killer.

SyncThing I use more for "auto rsync style" stuff

@kemonine I'm so grateful to Mastodon folks for turning me on to Syncthing. It's what I wished Dropbox would stick to.

Bereits zum vierten Mal lädt der Wiener Chaos Computer Club zur #PrivacyWeek von 21. bis 27. Oktober ins Wiener Volkskundemuseum, diesmal unter dem Titel „Privat, Oida!“ (etwa: „Das ist privat, mein Herr!“) cba.fro.at/426258

The latest Safari update permanently disables the framework uBlock Origin (and, incidentally, 1Password version 6 and lower) relies on. There will no longer be a uBlock version for Safari.

A while ago, someone on Twitter raised the point that users are rightfully gunshy about software updates because developers often use them to make unilateral and unwelcome changes. The question "did your users meaningfully consent to this change" goes unasked, let alone unanswered.

I want better.

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Curious to see what digital traces you leave? Trace my shadow can show you! Easy to use and to show your students so they can be aware of their digital footprint. myshadow.org/trace-my-shadow

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REGISTRATIONS for travel allowances are now OPEN for this year's Freedom not Fear! Join us for an amazing weekend in November: aktion.digitalcourage.de/civic

#FreedomNotFear #FNF19 #FNF2019 @digitalcourage@twitter.com

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