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Diese Woche veranstaltet @cryptoparty_berlin eine Online-Cryptoparty.

Di, 31.03.2020
19.00 Uhr

Alle Infos hier:

Lest euch den Text am Besten vorher durch, damit ihr technisch (und sozial) vorbereitet seid.

Alle Termine in Berlin:

Dear Fediverse,

we have a request:
we are looking for the 2008 comic about the Chrome browser by Scott McCloud.

If you have a high-res copy or the paper version, please get in touch! (We are planning an update 😉 )

Boosts welcome!

Even Amazon employees are starting to revolt. As one employee says, Amazon Ring surveillance doorbells are “not compatible with a free society.”

@eff yes, and EFF also needs to stop calling their TWTR feed "official" & their #Mastodon feed "unofficial". EFF should not even mention their TWTR feed outside of TWTR. Send website visitors to Mastodon instead.

Twitter needs to stop pressuring users to add their phone numbers to their profiles and stop defaulting to making those phone numbers discoverable.


If you are interested in #digitalSecurity & #CyberSafety, then join us in #Abuja on January 29, 2020 at The Glass Room Community Edition – a pop-up exhibition that explores #data, #privacy & our relationship with the #technologies and platforms we use everyday lives.



Watch out for those photo meme apps, they can be a form of nonconsensual #personaldata collection. Identities and locations can be inferred from pics you provide through the use biometric and geometric algorithms. Please don't do this to your family, friends or to yourself.


Next #Cryptoparty at #k19, #Berlin #Friedrichshain:

28.1., 7pm

we'll have vegan food and plenty of stuff to learn and share

Kreuziger Str. 19, #Berlin - #Friedrichshain, U Samariterstraße

A recent article on a big tech news site included this phrase:

"[...] Linux phones like the PinePhone, [...]are full of closed-source firmware from non-open components"

We'd like to clear the record: The #PinePhone has two blobs -- neither runs on the main SoC: One loaded to WiFi/BT module, other enclosed within the cell modem. In the modern world of tech, both blobs are unavoidable.

For an overview from someone with deep knowledge of both the PinePhone and Librem 5:

#CloudFlare is now hitting the wayback machine with the same #CAPTCHA as #Tor users, thus censoring history too.

Digital Privacy Salons are skill & knowledge sharing sessions which aim to teach people the basic ways of protecting themselves and their data from intrusive surveillance and unwanted/unwitting information gathering.

Tuesday 11/02/20, 19:00@Level2

#Luxembourg #Privacy #privacysalon #Level2

#TorBugSmash update:
As of today, 56 of 77 tickets have been closed. 21 are still in progress. Roughly half of the funds are yet to be allocated.

We’ve been able to fix bugs and complete necessary maintenance on core tor, bridgedb, Snowflake, and Metrics, as well as complete the Tor Browser ESR 68 migration.

Thank you for your support.

Next pEp Engine release will drop support for GnuPG and will support only PGP Sequoia

#pEp #cryptography

Request for help about : Tor / Android  

#Enigmail #Thunderbird #GPG


PSA: Enigmail will not work with the new Thunderbird beta. They've ripped out the APIs we use in preparation for the upcoming release of TB78. If you need Enigmail, stick with official TB releases.



📗 Exposing the Invisible - The Kit
Take a look a this tool, designed for those who believe in the power of information as evidence but who recognise that working with information does not necessarily lead to immediate results or desired changes



In light of' block buster reporting re: privacy over the break, we'd like to humbly recommend taking time to work through's Data Detox Kit.


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