Next Berlin CryptoParty, happening online: Monday, May 10th, starting 7 PM CEST.

- Encrypted communication
- Surfing the Internet more securely
- Encrypting data and storage devices
- Smartphone security
- Secure passwords
- Free and Open Software
#privacy #security

Nächste #CryptoParty aus #Berlin, online: Montag, 10. Mai 2021, ab 19 Uhr CEST.

- Kommunikation verschlüsseln
- Sicherer Surfen im Internet
- Datenträger verschlüsseln
- Smartphone-Sicherheit
- Sichere Passwörter
- Freie Software
#privacy #security

Nächste #CryptoParty aus #Berlin, morgen online: Montag, 12. April 2021, ab 19 Uhr CET.

Next Berlin CryptoParty, happening online, tomorrow: Monday, April 12th, starting 7 PM CET.

#privacy #security #android

#OnionShare 2.3 just got release.

The new version will not only easily allow you to share/receive files or host a webpage as a Tor hidden service, it now also enables you to host your own anonymous chat.

OnionShare 1.3.2 is installed by default in #Tails. The new version will be available for Tails, as soon as it hits Debian stable.

Shout out to @micahflee for the great work.

#CryptoParty angels assemble! I would love to see some CryptoParty sessions happening at #rC3. @digitalcourage will be featuring an area for CryptoParty related sessions.

If you are interested getting involved organizing or helping out in any capacity I have created a public chat room via XMPP where we can get in touch with each other:

And happy holidays to everyone! :yayblob:

@cryptoparty_berlin @cryptoparty @cryptoparty

Wir wollen uns treffen am 28.12 um 20:00 Uhr in der Hamburger Cryptoparty Lobby

Für alle,
die Hamburger @Cryptoparty_Hamburg

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The developers of Signal are currently doing a user survey:

I told them that I really like the app but also that I would like:
a) Signal on @fdroidorg
b) a proper desktop client
c) no data stored in "secure enclaves"

Maybe you'd like to tell them, too?


#CRYPTOPARTY|S next week in #Berlin:

* Tue, oct 27th, 6pm, online
* Su, nov 1st, 2pm, AGB

Next tuesday will be a cryptoparty on the servers of HU (online):


On Sunday the Cryptoparty at Amerika Gedenkbibliothek starts at 2 pm.

sorry for my crypto english lol

Researchers from Dublin reviewed the Google Play Services that are mandatory for Covid Tracing Apps on Android. Every 20 min they transfer:
- IP adress
- phone #
- email
- SIM #
➡️ So it's illegal, intrusive and affects large parts of the population

Have legal needs as a result of your participation in protests? Send us an email at and we may be able to help find you pro bono representation.

I'm Open Sourcing the Have I Been Pwned Code Base

Let me just cut straight to it: I'm going to open source the Have I Been Pwned code base. The decision has been a while coming and it took a failed M&A process to get here, but the code will be turned over to the public for the

@eff As EFF has said, merging Fitbit’s trove of health and biometric data with Google’s data makes it harder and harder for privacy-focused tech companies to exist and compete.

Let's Encrypt is hiring a Junior or Senior Software Engineer for a remote position! Interested in Go? Crypto? Protecting people's privacy on the web? More info is here:

The EU’s highest court says that government surveillance makes the U.S. unsafe for European personal data -- again. Will U.S. companies or Congress listen?

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