June's CryptoPartyLDN is tonight!


Join us at Juju's Bar and Stage (E1 6QR) from 630pm. We'll have talks and workshops. Free entrance + beginners welcome.

Schedule at cryptoparty.in/london/. See you later!

You're all invited to our next week, Tue 25 Jun at Juju's Bar and Stage in East London (E1 6QR).

Title: πŸ” SEE IT. SAY IT. ENCRYPT IT. πŸ”

Debate and Q&A with @copwatcher@twitter.com of netpol.org plus workshops and talks on privacy and digital rights. And music, drinks, friends, ... :) <3

Info: cryptoparty.in/london



Next is Tuesday 25 June, 630pm till late at Juju's (E1 6QR).

Have got any question about digital rights and privacy? Wondering how to securely use your laptop and smartphone? Join us for free workshops and talks + music and crypto-themed cocktails.

More info and details: cryptoparty.in/london

And if you see anything that's not encrypted... speak to staff, we'll sort it! :)

As you might have heard already, next CPLDN is Tue this week. Usual location (Juju's, E1 6QR) and time (kickoff at 630pm). Bring your keyboard - hrm... laptop/smartphone - it'll be the gateway to *unstoppable power*.

workshops, beginners welcome! Music and drinks!



⌨️ Unstoppable keyboards ⌨️

Tue 28 May, 630pm till late
Juju's Bar and Stage (E1 6QR)

Dreaming of a place where you can discuss (or learn about!) digital tech? From internet cookies and secure passwords to surveillance capitalism and much more?

CryptoParties are that place! Plus music, drinks, and friends. Join us if you're in London.

More info: cryptoparty.in/london/


Hi All, next London is codenamed *UNSTOPPABLE KEYBOARDS* and it's in one week - Tue 28 May, 630pm till late.

Workshops on technology, privacy, digital empowerment, peer-to-peer learning.

More info and location -> cryptoparty.in/london/

Join us and you'll find out your keyboard is also *unstoppable*!

😍 πŸ” 🌈

Hi folks, here's a "hello world" toot from CryptoParty London.

Our next event is tomorrow evening at 630pm in East London. Talks on biometrics and privacy + an update talk on the Assange case, following his recent eviction from the Ecuadorean embassy. Also workshops, music, and drinks. FREE ENTRY + BEGINNERS FRIENDLY. For info and details, visit cryptoparty.in/london. 🌈 πŸ” πŸ’»


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