In 2 weeks we'll be opening The Glass Room in #SF alongside - a provocative, engaging public intervention to examine tech's impact on society with over 50 exhibits, daily talks, workshops and hands on advice. Oct 16 - Nov 3, 838 Market St.

Reminder! Next CPLDN is tomorrow! :) 

Join us tomorrow for our August . Workshops on and digital rights plus friends and general fun. It's free and open to everyone.

Juju's bar in East , E1 6QR.

More info at


Announcement, next #CryptoParty London. 

Next is in one week today. Join us for a night of & workshops + 1-to-1s + friends. Free and open to all, no registration.

More info:

Rallying call for all digital rights activists and friends: next is tomorrow at Juju's Bar and Stage, East London. 630pm til late. :)

Come for a drink and to discuss anything related to privacy and crypto apps. Beginners v welcome!

In the wake of the poisoning of several β€œhigh-profile” #OpenPGP keys on the #SKS keyservers network, I have to say the following.

I have the utmost respect for the hackers and activists who 1) created OpenPGP in the first place, or an implementation of it; 2) have contributed or still contribute to the maintenance and evolution of OpenPGP as a whole (the standard itself, its implementations, or the various tools that interact with OpenPGP one way or another); 3) work hard to make OpenPGP better and easier to use.

About the shortcomings of the SKS network, Werner Koch single-handedly proposed the new Web Key Directory as an alternative key distribution method; Neal Walfield implemented a brand new trust model (trust-on-first-use) that completely removes the need for third-party certifications (we all know the web-of-trust never fulfilled its promises and is not a workable solution for most people, including knowledgeable users); Daniel Kahn Gillmor relentlessy advocated for better practices; Vincent Breitmoser wrote a whole new keyserver implementation and runs a public instance of it; Paul Wouters wrote the RFC to standardize the distribution of OpenPGP keys in the DNS (#DANE); Patrick Brunschwig and several others designed #Autocrypt, a method to automatically distribute keys in-band…

Don’t you dare claim that the OpenPGP community was sitting idlessly and could not be bothered to address the shortcomings of the SKS network! They are working on it, and again, they have my utmost respect.

On the other hand, I have the utmost contempt for the know-it-alls who can barely conceal their glee at the sight of any bug impacting OpenPGP or anyone of its implementations (especially #GnuPG). That they can rejoice in the fall of a system instead of improving it tells me all I need to know about those people.

June's CryptoPartyLDN is tonight!


Join us at Juju's Bar and Stage (E1 6QR) from 630pm. We'll have talks and workshops. Free entrance + beginners welcome.

Schedule at See you later!

More cyber! Join us on July 13th for privacy workshops, talks and a great party \o/

You're all invited to our next week, Tue 25 Jun at Juju's Bar and Stage in East London (E1 6QR).

Title: πŸ” SEE IT. SAY IT. ENCRYPT IT. πŸ”

Debate and Q&A with of plus workshops and talks on privacy and digital rights. And music, drinks, friends, ... :) <3




Next is Tuesday 25 June, 630pm till late at Juju's (E1 6QR).

Have got any question about digital rights and privacy? Wondering how to securely use your laptop and smartphone? Join us for free workshops and talks + music and crypto-themed cocktails.

More info and details:

And if you see anything that's not encrypted... speak to staff, we'll sort it! :)

Hello Mastodon :) Save the date, we're organizing a new Transcyberian event at c-base on July 13th! More infos soon.

Looking for a weekend read? πŸ€“We have a story on the harm TrueCaller is causing to journalists working in hostile environments

As you might have heard already, next CPLDN is Tue this week. Usual location (Juju's, E1 6QR) and time (kickoff at 630pm). Bring your keyboard - hrm... laptop/smartphone - it'll be the gateway to *unstoppable power*.

workshops, beginners welcome! Music and drinks!


⌨️ Unstoppable keyboards ⌨️

Tue 28 May, 630pm till late
Juju's Bar and Stage (E1 6QR)

Dreaming of a place where you can discuss (or learn about!) digital tech? From internet cookies and secure passwords to surveillance capitalism and much more?

CryptoParties are that place! Plus music, drinks, and friends. Join us if you're in London.

More info:


Hi All, next London is codenamed *UNSTOPPABLE KEYBOARDS* and it's in one week - Tue 28 May, 630pm till late.

Workshops on technology, privacy, digital empowerment, peer-to-peer learning.

More info and location ->

Join us and you'll find out your keyboard is also *unstoppable*!

😍 πŸ” 🌈

Some friends are organising this event on genomics, happening Thu near Kings Cross. It'll explore the ecosystem of companies providing genetic testing services, from different angles eg regulatory, ethical, privacy. See you there!

Hi folks, here's a "hello world" toot from CryptoParty London.

Our next event is tomorrow evening at 630pm in East London. Talks on biometrics and privacy + an update talk on the Assange case, following his recent eviction from the Ecuadorean embassy. Also workshops, music, and drinks. FREE ENTRY + BEGINNERS FRIENDLY. For info and details, visit 🌈 πŸ” πŸ’»

Worried about security in #nextcloud or think you can break in? Earn up to $5000 in our #Security #Bug #Bounty program! We put our money where our mouth is...

Upcoming Cryptoparty London will cover #nextcloud installation. Stay in control over your data!
Concerned by your dependence to the tech giants’ cloud? My workshop at the next @CryptoPartyLDN will cover how to use @Nextclouders to take back control of your data.

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